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Living in Thailand with Termite

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Living in Thailand, you may see or hear people have a termite problem. In Thailand, we build houses with concrete(mixing between cement and sand) and steel. A few houses were built with half concrete and wood which are old houses that are probably more than 30 years old. Termite nests can be found under the house ground and under the big tree. 90% of house damage comes from the nest under the ground. They eat anything with wood even young teak that is less than 10 years old. My friend’s house had a termite problem and they ate the wood frame of the floor construction. The house is at the Koolpunt Ville Project 7 which was built more than 15 years. It was a serious problem at that time.

# Pipe Treatment vs Soil Treatment

Nowadays, the new house will install the pipe treatment(ระบบวางท่อ) which is the best way to protect your house from termites. This method must install when you start to build the new house. If you bought the old house, you can use another method which is the soil treatment(ระบบอัดน้ำยาลงพื้น). The video below shows how these two methods work in Thai but the graphic will explain to you well.

credit: “Advance Group Asia CO.,LTD.“.

Apart from termites, the pest control service will cover to terminate and protect your house from ants and cockroaches as well. Normally, when the pest control service sprays for killing the termite, they will spray for killing the ant and cockroach too. However, you should ask them for confirmation. Working with Thai services, you should not accept that they will do their job well even though they claim they are professionals or experts. This is my own experience as Thai.


# How do you know your house has the termite

  1. The Termite walking line
  2. The wing of the young termite wing
  3. Saw dust from termite eating
# How the young termite looks like

You will find these young termites in the fluorescent tube when it lights up at night. Often you will see them after rain. The wing falls out of the body easily after the wing falls, they will go under the ground to build the nest. Then the termite cycle begins.

# What service do I use in Chiang Mai

Today I used this pest control service names Anti Bug. They can speak English enough for communicating with foreigners. They have service in Chiang Mai and use friendly spray for humans and pets. The spray doesn’t smell and you don’t need to leave the house when they are working. Do not use the chemical spray at a cheap cost and leave a bad smell. It can harm you and your pet and don’t kill the termite in the nest.

I wrote this post because I heard the story from the Anti Bug guys that foreigners often ask him whether their houses need the termite spray or not. The answer is YES.