D.I.Y Air Purifier in 10 sec
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D.I.Y Air Purifier in 10 sec

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This year, the air pollution in the North of Thailand is the worst in history. Chiang Mai air quality hit the first ranking on the World AQI chart last month. That is how the air pollution was bad here. This is the first time I hear PM2.5 from the news and social network every single day until now. Below is the AQI virtual map on 16 Apr 2019 at night time. A few weeks earlier, there was so much news that people sneeze and blood came out including one of my friends. Some kids needed to admit to the hospital and suffered from bad air pollution.

In January 2019, the local started to buy air purifier and mask. I was able to buy the PM2.5 protection mask but I could not buy the air purifier I wanted. Plus the air purifier price was getting high. Thanks to the Engineering faculty at Chiang Mai university that shared how to make a D.I.Y air purifier in 10 sec. The video is in the Thai language. But don’t worry I am about to tell you in English now.

# The items you need

  • Air Purifier Filter from Xiaomi There is three colors you can choose from which are blue, green, and purple. The purple one is the best since it can filter the bacteria as well.
  • Hatari fan 6″ HT-VW15M5(N) model  You can use other fans as long as it fits the Air Purifier Filter top
  • PM2.5 detector If you already have it, you don’t buy it again. There are more brands on the market you can pick anything you want.

Once you get all items above, you can just put the fan on top of the air filter and that is it! It is done. The PM2.5 detector is needed so you know how much air quality your room has. The room must be closed for the best performance. I put it in my bedroom with an air conditioner. Note that, the normal air conditioner without an air filter doesn’t reduce the dust.

# Here is my DIY air purifier and the result after using it in my bedroom

128 AQI is the number before running the air purifier and 62 AQI is the number after running the air purifier for half an hour. I run all night and it gets into 35-45 AQI. It works and it is inexpensive. The total cost I spent around 1,650 baht(the price for the items above from Lazada changes from time to time you may get those items cheaper than mine or a bit more) and it is good for 35-45 square meters. If your room is bigger than 35-45 square meters, you can make another one and put it in the same room as the first one.

# Buy the air purifier with full features of mobile control, night mode, and so on from the website below


If you don’t want to make D.I.Y version one.

# Original source for making the D.I.Y air purifier

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/engineeringcmu/videos/699044033876914/

If you find the useful in my post, please share it and help others. We have a right to breathe good air quality!