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How to apply for Non-immigrant Visa O-Marriage within Thailand

This post is continue from “Forget to apply for Re-entry permit”. It was my experience that I shared. If you … Read More

Forgot to apply for Re-Entry Permit?

Well, It was a shock when my husband forgot to apply for a Re-Entry permit before leaving Thailand. This happened … Read More

Physical Therapy in Chiang Mai

Recently I had lower back pain that happened after I climbed at the climbing gym. With the pain, I had … Read More

Dental Implant in Chiang Mai

A few weeks ago, I met the dentist and I needed the implant for my tooth. However, I was shock … Read More

Translation Service in Chiang Mai

Sometime you need the English translation service for your documents. When I applied for my Green Card for moving to … Read More

Health Insurance for Long Stay Visa in Thailand

Since 31 Oct 2019, foreigners applying for a Non O-A visa will be required to purchase health insurance during staying … Read More

D.I.Y Air Purifier in 10 sec

This year, the air pollution in the North of Thailand is the worst in history. Chiang Mai air quality hit … Read More

Living in Thailand with Termite

Living in Thailand, you may see or hear people have a termite problem. In Thailand, we build houses with concrete(mixing … Read More

(TM47) 90 days reporting for Thai Retirement Visa – Online

(last updated on 9 Jan 2019) For a Thai Retirement Visa, you must report every 90 days. It is time-consuming … Read More

Checklist for Thai Retirement Extension

For a Thai retirement visa, a person who holds this kind of visa must report the immigration every 3 months. … Read More

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