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Where To Buy Top-Quality WordPress Themes

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You want a new website and you choose WordPress to be the core of your site. Next, you are looking for a quality WordPress theme and perhaps the WordPress plugins. You find a ton of WordPress themes and plugins from various sources but you are not sure which place you can buy the quality WordPress theme and plugin. Today I have the best one that I have been using it since 2013 for recommending to you.

Envato Market – quality WordPress theme

Envato Market is a huge online WordPress themes & website templates marketplace. It offers two sectors you can choose from. One is the Envato Market and another one is the Envato Elements.

Envato Market – all in one place

In Envato Market, you can buy all elements you need for website, web application, and mobile application. Everything you need in one place.

Here are the reasons you should buy WordPress themes from Envato Market.

  • High-quality themes with ongoing support
  • Unique and niche templates to suit your need
  • Purchase individual items as you need them

Below is the Envato Market site.

Envato Market Place - Buy top-quality WordPress themes and plugins
Envato Market – Where to buy top-quality WordPress themes and plugins

Avada WordPress Theme – recommended

The best seller WordPress theme at all times is the Avada theme. The theme comes with pre-built templates including content demo, full customization, and well-written documentation. It works well with the Elementor plugin which is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress (Learn how to use Elementor with the Avada theme). You can browse more WordPress themes that suit your project at Envato Market/WordPress.

All WordPress themes that sell in Envato Market, must pass the qualities check by the WordPress expert team from Envato Market. The purchased theme from Envato Market will work well with WordPress core and other WordPress plugins in the market.

Here is an example of the Avada WordPress theme with the benefits you will have after purchasing it from Envato Market.

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Future updates (This is very important since WordPress core is updated all the time. The theme needs to be updated in order to work well with the WordPress core without any issues.)
  • Theme hosting offer
  • 6 months support from ThemeFusion which is an Avada WordPress theme team.
  • Also, you have an option for extending support to 12 months with a few extra charges.

The theme was created in 2012 and it is still active until now and will be in the future. With 590,271 sales on 26/4/2020, it can prove how many clients are happy with the quality of the theme.

When I am looking for a new quality WordPress theme, I normally look for future updates with a one-time payment, long term support, how often the theme is updated, what extra files the theme provides such as PSD files, well-written documentation, compatible browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge), how many current issues the theme have, how well the support team does (knowledge, fast response, communication), price, and the reviews from the customers.


Other elements that sell in Envato Market

Apart of quality WordPress theme, Envato market offers;


When you are serious about your website, you should be serious about your WordPress theme as well. A quality WordPress theme will work well with WordPress core as well as WordPress plugins. Buy a WordPress theme from Envato Market, you will get the future update and support from the theme builder. Looking for a new WordPress theme now, check it out, Envato Market.