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Physical Therapy in Chiang Mai

Recently I had lower back pain that happened after I climbed at the climbing gym. With the pain, I had … Read More

Top FREE WordPress Translation Plugins Compared

Recently I have had a request from my new client to build a website with multilanguage in WordPress. The goal … Read More

How to disable Theme Editor and Plugin Editor in WordPress

WordPress allows the login user to edit the theme files and plugin files directly through the admin panel. If the … Read More

How to remove hover style on touch devices

Recently, I am developing a product card component that can be used in other components such as carousel, grid, and … Read More

How to add the custom validation message for a form in CraftCMS

A couple of weeks ago, one of my clients asks me how to add the custom validation message for a … Read More

How to use email template when sending email from a custom form in CraftCMS

Recently, I published “How to build a custom form in CraftCMS without plugin“. In that post, the email is sent … Read More

How to build the custom form in CraftCMS without any plugin

I have a requirement from my last project to build an appointment form and no data needs to be saved. … Read More

Useful information for UI Grids Layout

As a full stack developer, I work on the front end which creates the templates (HTML or TWIG) and stylesheet … Read More

How to fix WampServer Red icon or Orange icon

If you are using WampServer like me, once in a while you may have an issue with either a red … Read More

How to set up your drum kit in Clone Hero (Table e-Drum and Full Drum Kit)

After working solidly for several months, I finally have 2 days break from all my lovely clients. When I have … Read More

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