How to add ribbon in Elementor

category:  WordPress

Elementor is the most popular page builder for WordPress. If you are web designer or web developer like me, you will hear and see ton of articles and videos talking about Elementor. Elementor saves you a ton of time and easy to use. If you want a new widgets that are not in Elementor, you just create one for your own following Elementor Widgets docucment. Today, I have to implement the ribbon in Elementor for one of my client site, … Read More

Dental Implant in Chiang Mai

category:  Life in Chiang Mai

A few weeks ago, I met the dentist and I needed the implant for my tooth. However, I was shock with the cost of the implant treatment. Later on, I found out the cost breaks down into 3 parts. One is the clinic fee, doctor fee and the implant brand. The most expensive cost comes from the implant brand. First clinic that I went to, was Dent CMU Meechok which is another best professional dental clinic in Chiang Mai. All … Read More

How to import/export WordPress theme customizer settings

category:  WordPress

Today I am working on one of my client websites. The site needs to add the translation file and some customization. However, the website doesn’t use the child theme. The active theme is a paid theme. So If I want to add the translation file and change the templates for the theme, when the theme is updated, all customization will be gone. To avoid this issue, I need to create the child theme for the current theme. Now, when I … Read More

How to stop Google Analytics from tracking logged in users in WordPress

category:  WordPress

Google Analytics is a must tool for marketing. It collects a useful data from your website. It makes you understand your customers in deep. In WordPress, you can integrate Google Analytics easily by using plugins or adding the UA code to functions.php in your current theme. Sometime you will login to your website to manage your content. Google Analytics records your visits while you login too. The result is, you may see the preview URL from WordPress showing in your … Read More

How to stop Google Analytics from tracking your own visits

category:  Web development, WordPress

Google Analytics is a great marketing tool from Google. It collects the useful data from your website. It makes you understand your customers in deep. For data collection, you want to collect the real data as much as possible. You don’t want to collect your own visits. To do that, follow the steps below. Login to your Google Analytics Navigate to admin panel Once the admin panel shows up, click on Filters menu Then you will see the filters list … Read More

How to rollback WordPress theme and plugin update

category:  WordPress

Today one of the cache plugin on my site is updated. Everything seems fine until I find out some pages break. Those pages don’t load the css file correctly. The minified CSS files from the cache folder are not updated. I purge all cache but no luck. To avoid this issue, I need to rollback the cache plugin to the stable version. My situation may happen to you. You update the theme and plugins then your site breaks. Or theme … Read More

How to use MariaDB with WordPress

category:  WordPress

For the websites that run on WordPress for long time, MySQL is the main database. The default MySQL port is 3306. When you develop the websites or web applications on your computer, often you will install the solution stack for your operation system. For example, I use WampServer for Windows. WampServer provides Apache(web server), PHP(programming language), MariaDB(relational database), MySQL(relational database) and PhpMyAdmin(a administration tool for MariaDB and MySQL). Some of my projects use MySQL and some uses MariaDB. For WampServer, … Read More

Translation Service in Chiang Mai

category:  Life in Chiang Mai

Sometime you need the English translation service for your documents. When I applied for my Green Card for moving to USA, I needed to translate a lot of Thai documents. I used the translation service from Language Corner which locates in Nimmanhaemin road at soi 13. The staffs were helpful and the price was reasonable. All documents translated by Language Corner meet the standards necessary to be approved and accepted by Thai government offices, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. … Read More

How to add custom fields to quick edit in WordPress

category:  WordPress

A quick edit is one of useful feature from WordPress. It is useful when you just want to add or edit a small changes for your pages or posts without loading the whole content editor page. By default, quick edit allows you to change the title, slug, published date, password, categories, template, tags, allow comments, allow pings, post status and post sticky setting. But if you have your own custom fields and want to add them into the quick edit, … Read More

How to create custom templates for custom post type in WordPress

category:  WordPress

“How to create custom templates for custom post type in WordPress”, is one of the most popular questions from the internet. Before we build the custom template for the custom post type, you should understand how WordPress decides which template file will be used on individual page. Template hierarchy Template hierarchy is the logic WordPress uses to decide which template file will be used for each individual page. Here is a interactive template hierarchy. Note that, template hierarchy will help … Read More

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