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How to set up your drum kit in Clone Hero (Table Drum and Full Drum Kit)

After working solidly for several months, I finally have 2 days break from all my lovely clients. When I have … Read More

How to setup SASS in VSCode

Currently, I am working on setting up SASS for my project in VSCode. I also set up the minify for … Read More

How to send large files over the internet

From time to time, my clients want to send me large files. Since I work remotely, the clients send me … Read More

How to add criteria or filter form using Pjax for the report in Yii2

Today I work on the Yii2 application for one of my clients. As the request, I need to add the … Read More

How to create your own widget in Yii2

Widgets are reusable building blocks. They are used in views in the MVC framework. If you are working on page … Read More

Creating a drag and drop uploader with preview in Javascript

A couple of weeks ago, I work on a project that has a preview image feature for the user. Basically, … Read More

How to fix the 403 forbidden error in WordPress

Recently I fixed the 403 error for one of my clients. There are many causes that your WordPress website can … Read More

How to export SVG for the web with Illustrator CC

Occasionally you may create the media content vector for the website for your client. I normally create the logo, icon, … Read More

How to undo “git fetch” for Bitbucket

I have a situation where I fetch the changes from the remote repo I have been working with. The result … Read More

How to use different SSH keys for multiple bitbucket accounts

You may know Bitbucket disables using Basic authentication with the Bitbucket API or Git over HTTPS. This effect starts on … Read More

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