LiveChat to Increase Your Sales
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LiveChat to Increase Your Sales

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Have you ever used LiveChat to ask some questions before buying the products or services? Have you ever used LiveChat for getting your support? If the answer is no, let’s read on.

LiveChat is not new. It is been around for over 10 years. LiveChat helps many businesses grow. You may be one of them.

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is an online customer service software with live support, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities. Below it shows how LiveChat looks like on the e-commerce website.

LiveChat on e-commerce site on frontend
LiveChat on backend

Nowadays, online business is growing dramatically. Customers tend to expect a fast response time. Your business should respond to potential customers as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they may leave and you will lose the opportunity for making new customers.

Customers love chatting because it’s quick, convenient, and simple.

Why should I choose LiveChat?

# Increase sales and conversions

With LiveChat, you can suggest your product or service directly in the chat! Plus you can set and track your sales goals. Use LiveChat to assist your potential customers exactly when they need it.

# Solve customer problems in a flash

Answer your customer’s questions in realtime to impress them. NO MORE 24 hours waiting for customers.

# Spend less and get more

Customer service by phone is limited in that the agent can assist only one customer at a time. But with LiveChat, one agent can talk with several customers at a time. This means your business saves time and cost.

# Easy access from anywhere in the World

With LiveChat, customers and agents can live anywhere. Your customers can contact your agent via LiveChat anytime and anywhere. To use the LiveChat backend, your agent can browse to the URL and login or install the mobile app on their phone.

# Build relationships and trust with customers

LiveChat lets you connect better with your customers and build their trust. They will know there are real people to assist them.

# Satisfy your customers

Customers who chat are much more satisfied with your business brand. With LiveChat, the customer will see the message status such as delivered and read as well as the time stamp.

Customers can give your agent feedback. This can help your agents improve their service and make more sales.

# Manage your team

Keep track of your customer service and sales team performance with extended reports and supervision features.

# Data secure

LiveChat includes data encryption, access restrictions, 2-step verification, GDPR compliance, HIPAA readiness, and Privacy Shield Certification.

# Connect LiveChat with your favorite tools

Improve your workflow by connecting LiveChat with apps you use every day. For example, Google Analytics, Facebook Messager, KnowledgeBase, Mailchimp and much more.

# Customization

Before chatting, you can provide the pre-chat survey form to collect the data you need such as customer email, customer website. You can customize the fields on the form as you like.

For the chatting box, you can customize the chat icon position, theme color, logo, agent’s photo, sound notification for customers, agent rate, chat transcripts and more.

Chat window language, you can choose your desired language from the LiveChat platform. Currently, LiveChat provides 50 languages to choose from. Plus, you can change the phrases in your own language such as Chat with us!, Chat now and so on.

Gathering the customer feedback, you can customize the post-chat survey form to collect your customer feedback.

# Ticket form when no agent is available

The ticket form allows your customers to leave messages as tickets when no agent is available. You can customize the form you like.

# Send greetings

Greetings allow you to automatically start chats with visitors. You can set greetings to trigger based on rules such as time on site, a number of visitors or page views. And you can customize the greeting messages. It is a pretty cool feature from LiveChat.

# Easy to integrate into your website

LiveChat provides the simple code that you just need to copy and paste into your template. If your site runs on WordPress, LiveChat provides the LiveChat plugin for it.