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Experience Web Developer since 2009

Hi, my name is Apple Rinquest. I am a freelance PHP developer in Chiang Mai in Thailand. I am a passionate and creative web development person. I focus on your requirements and deliver high-quality work on your budget. Unlike so many others, I focus on coding for the BEST practice and NO spaghetti code. Your work will be clean and ready for any future customization and maintenance. All my work is building the custom website and application. I often suggest the solution as well as the right technologies for my clients. With my experience for decades, I am confident to assist your business.

For my skills, I focus on PHP which is one of my strong programming language but open for more technologies, WordPress which is my favorite CMS platform, MVC framework, Unittest, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap 3&4, HTML5&CSS3, MySQL, MSSQL and page speed optimization. I specialize in developing and designing high quality custom website and application for the small and mid size clients. I mostly work as a freelance web developer under the digital agency companies in Thailand. I am happy to work as a freelance, subcontract, full-time or part-time. Looking for an experienced web developer, let's talk!

My Goal

Pay Attention to quality

My goal is to bring the best solution for my clients and the solutions should be long-term for them. I would be happy to work with any local or international companies that allow me to work from home. The companies that care about their employees and support their employees in learning the new technologies to support the work would be awesome.

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