How to Log Your Emails in WordPress with Plugin
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How to Log Your Emails in WordPress with Plugin

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Email log can be useful for you and your client. You can view all emails sent from your WordPress site. You can audit outgoing emails and debug them during site development.

In the online market, you will find several email log plugins offering free and paid versions. In this post, I will share the plugins I use.

Log your outgoing email with plugins

Check&Log Email plugin

It is a free plugin. It allows you to log and view all outgoing emails from WordPress. So you can audit the sent emails from the WordPress site. When you don’t need to audit your outgoing emails, just deactivate the plugin. Otherwise, the sent email in the mail application(eg: ThunderBird, on your phone ) will display the raw HTML.

Here are some of the features of Check&Log Email plugin

  • Test email sending
  • Viewing logged emails – the logged emails are stored in a separate table
  • Deleting logged emails
  • Ability to change the “mail from” email address, “mail from name” and override default email WordPress addresses for the test sending email via the plugin

Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin

Post SMPT mailer/Email log plugin is very easy to use. The plugin comes with a built-in Email log. With the email log, you can use its filter, perform searches, and export to a CSV file. You can leave the plugin active. It won’t affect the sent email as same as the Check&Log Email plugin. I prefer this plugin for the email log.

Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log – Email log page

WP Mail SMTP plugin

This is another popular plugin. Unfortunately, the email log is not free. You must upgrade to Pro version. WP Mail SMTP plugin offers many different SMTP setup options:

  2. Sendinblue SMTP 
  3. Mailgun SMTP
  4. SendGrid SMTP
  5. Gmail SMTP
  6. Microsoft SMTP ( and Office 365) [Pro]
  7. Amazon SES SMTP [Pro]
  8. Zoho Mail SMTP [Pro]
  9. All Other SMTP

So if your website has some issues with sending out the email, wants to send a bunch of emails at once or the email is sent to the junk mail, you can use Sendinblue, Mailgun, and SendGrid.


The email log is very useful. Sometimes my clients use mail servers from the various platform. I get unusual email errors sometimes and the email log helps me find the issues quickly. The error message is always useful for developers. Hope this post helps you save time. If so, please consider buying me a coffee.