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How to fix my changes do not appear online with Elementor

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Recently I am working on the new website for my client. On the website, I use Elementor plugin which is the best page builder by far. It saves ton of my time and client will get the website quickly. With ELementor, I don’t need to create the child theme or create the custom templates anymore. I can create any layout I want and edit each element fast. Elementor pro gives you everything you need for building a professional website and look standout.

Elementor is the best but why I write the post talking about the Elementor issue here. To be honest, none of page builder plugins are perfect!. However, Elementor handles all issues well. Read on!

When I am working on the website, I notice all the changes I make on the page (change the image and text at the header section), I can see those changes on Elementor editor and Customizer editor. But on the frontend, I don’t see any changes.

What I do first, I clear the server cache, cache plugin and cache browser. But the issue still occurs. Then I go to Elmenetor help center and found my issue there.

Below is my solution on my case. I change from external file to internal.

In some cases, it will be possible to solve the issue by switching the CSS print method in “Elementor > Settings > Advanced” on your WordPress Dashboard.

Elementor provides the help center that help you with any issues you have with Elementor plugin. If you don’t find any solution from the help center, you can ask the community or support(Elementor pro) to help you. 

If you face any issues with Elementor, check the Elementor help center.

Happy Elementor day!