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How to reset WordPress site – Quick way

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Sometime I need to reset my WordPress site back to the original installation state. For reset WordPress site, there are two way you can do. One is manually reset from web hosting. Another is using WordPress plugins.

Reset WordPress site manually

To do this method, you must be able to access your web hosting. So you can access file manager and database. To reset WordPress site, just follow the steps below.

  • Delete all tables in your database. Most of web hosts will provide you phpMyAdmin tool. You will use this tool and find your database and delete all tables there.
  • Delete all WordPress files (wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes and the rest of files eg. wp-config.php and so on)
  • Make sure you don’t delete the file that created by your hosting. If you do, contact your hosting and let them recreate the file for you.
  • Once you delete the tables and WordPress files from your host, you just download new WordPress files from and upload to your root at your hosting via File Manager in cPanel or vis FTP.
  • Once all WordPress files is uploaded successful on your host, just visit your domain on your browser, WordPress installation will start automaticaly.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. You will see database name and database login for installation which you can find from your host.
  • Once the installation is complete, you now have new fresh WordPress installation again.

Short steps: delete all tables, delete all WordPress files, upload new WordPress installation files, run the install script.

As you can see, so many steps and to rest WordPress site manually. It will take time until all new installation is done.

Next I will suggest the reset WordPress plugin I use and it works all the time for you.

Reset WordPress site with plugin

Introduce Advanced WordPress Reset plugin. It is a simple plugin and does what it says. Once you reset WordPress site with this plugin, WordPress is ready for new development again.

The main features for Advanced WordPress Reset Plugin are:

  • Make a new installation fast
  • Reset the database without losing or modifying your WordPress files, plugins and themes. Basically the plugin is set only the database.
  • Deletes all content from posts, pages, options and so on. All data is reset.
  • Deletes admin user and recreate it with same password
  • Keep the site name (blog name)
  • It asks you and explain what will happen before you confirm to reset the whole database.

Note that , the plugin is not support Multisite YET.

reset wordpress site with plugin
Advacned WordPress Reset plugin

And that’s it. I try other plugins but this one is simple and fast. Hope this plugin is useful for you too.