Where To Buy Top-Quality WordPress Themes

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You want a new website and you choose WordPress to be the core of your site. Next, you are looking for a quality WordPress theme and perhaps the WordPress plugins. You find a ton of WordPress themes and plugins from various sources but you are not sure which place you can buy the quality WordPress theme and plugin. Today I have the best one that I have been using it since 2013 for recommending to you. Envato Market – quality … Read More

Why I use WordPress Elementor Plugin

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“Why I use WordPress Elementor plugin” Before page builder plugins were introduced to WordPress. We, WordPress developers, had to create or customize the templates for our WordPress theme. Every time a WordPress layout needs to be changed, developers have to customize the templates. Sometimes we have to create the custom fields in order to display extra content on the page. Once the page builder plugins were introduced to WordPress, developers, and designers were able to create the pages faster. However, … Read More

How to create a WordPress child theme

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If you are planning to do the customization (change the templates, CSS, or add more functionalities) on your site and your site is built by WordPress. You should create a child theme. Today, I am going to share “How to create a WordPress child theme”. What are the benefits of the child theme Keeping the changes you make after theme updates: If you change the templates, CSS or adding more functionalities to the active theme then the theme is updated, … Read More

What You Need to Build a Website – Checklist

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To build a website, there are 4 things you need. Domain Name Business Email Address / Contact Email Address Platform Web Hosting # Domain Name What is a domain name A domain name is a digital address for your website. It is where people can find and access your website. For example, my domain name is applerinquest.com. When you type “applerinquest.com” into browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari and hit the enter key, you will see my website … Read More

How to fix WordPress not sending Emails issue

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Issues with email sending are some of the most common questions that I have from my clients. Often, the clients are not seeing any of the expected WordPress notifications. This is usually due to problems with their server configuration or their contact form configuration. # Server configuration WordPress is built in PHP which is one of the most popular server script languages. WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send out the emails. Normally, web hosting that supports PHP and … Read More

Why you need LiveChat for your website

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Have you ever used LiveChat to ask some questions before buying the products or services? Have you ever used LiveChat for getting your support? If the answer is no, let’s read on. LiveChat is not new. It is been around for over 10 years. LiveChat helps many businesses grow. You may be one of them. What is LiveChat? LiveChat is an online customer service software with live support, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities. Below it shows how LiveChat … Read More

How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

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In the previous post, I talked about how to create the custom sidebar. Today, I will talk about how to create custom widgets for the sidebar. You can add the PHP code below into your functions.php in your child theme or create the new widgets plugin which is the same concept as the previous post. In this post, I will add the PHP code into the functions.php in my child theme. That’s it. When you navigate to Appearance>Widgets, you will … Read More

How to create a custom WordPress sidebar

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The sidebar is one of a popular feature on the website. Often, it uses for blog or news page. Some WordPress themes provide the ability to add the new custom sidebar for the theme. But some don’t. If your current theme doesn’t provide the ability to add a new sidebar on your site, you have two options to do. Option 1: Using the plugin. You can use the Custom Sidebars plugin which is free. Option 2: Add the new custom … Read More

Owl Carousel plugin – jQuery carousel slider with fully customizable and responsive

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A carousel slider is another popular feature that you see often on the website. Often you will see the carousel feature on the travel agency website, e-commerce website, business website and portfolio website. There are so many slider plugins in the market but today we will talk about an Owl Carousel plugin which is one of the popular sliders in the market. The plugin can display the image and video. Why use the Owl Carousel plugin? Fully customizable Touch and … Read More

Export the data as Excel file in WordPress

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Last month, I had a request from my client to create the export data as the excel file in WordPress. The client has their own server and they wanted to focus on memory usage. Plus, the client uses the PHP 5.5 which is pretty old. I found one PHP class that met the client’s requirement. The PHP class is PHP_XLSXWriter. Let’s say, we create an archive download template in which the download is a custom post type. On the template, … Read More