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How to upload files to the custom folder in WordPress

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How to add the author filter in WordPress admin

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How to Setup WordPress Multisite for Multilingual Sites

For many businesses that run globally, the website needs to provide content that international clients can access. Adding the other … Read More

Top FREE WordPress Translation Plugins Compared

Recently I have had a request from my new client to build a website with multilanguage in WordPress. The goal … Read More

How to disable Theme Editor and Plugin Editor in WordPress

WordPress allows the login user to edit the theme files and plugin files directly through the admin panel. If the … Read More

How to fix the 403 forbidden error in WordPress

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How to Import Large Databases Into MySQL

Recently, I work on a woo-commerce site that stores a large database. Since I need to audit the site and … Read More

Unrecognized keyword (near “ON” at position 25) while importing a large data for WordPress

Today I am working on my client’s website. The data is huge since the website is about the tours package. … Read More

Adding custom taxonomy filters to admin for the custom post type

Continuing from my previous post, today I will share how to add any custom taxonomy filters to the admin area … Read More

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