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Learn CSS by playing games

This is a short post for today. I am teaching CSS to my friend. Learning by reading text is boring … Read More

How to remove hover style on touch devices

Recently, I am developing a product card component that can be used in other components such as carousel, grid, and … Read More

How to add the custom validation message for a form in CraftCMS

A couple of weeks ago, one of my clients asks me how to add the custom validation message for a … Read More

How to use email template when sending email from a custom form in CraftCMS

Recently, I published “How to build a custom form in CraftCMS without plugin“. In that post, the email is sent … Read More

How to build the custom form in CraftCMS without any plugin

I have a requirement from my last project to build an appointment form and no data needs to be saved. … Read More

How to fix WampServer Red icon or Orange icon

If you are using WampServer like me, once in a while you may have an issue with either a red … Read More

How to setup SASS in VSCode

Currently, I am working on setting up SASS for my project in VSCode. I also set up the minify for … Read More

How to send large files over the internet

From time to time, my clients want to send me large files. Since I work remotely, the clients send me … Read More

Creating a drag and drop uploader with preview in Javascript

A couple of weeks ago, I work on a project that has a preview image feature for the user. Basically, … Read More

How to undo “git fetch” for Bitbucket

I have a situation where I fetch the changes from the remote repo I have been working with. The result … Read More

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