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Why I use WordPress Elementor Plugin

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“Why I use WordPress Elementor plugin”

Before page builder plugins were introduced to WordPress. We, WordPress developers, had to create or customize the templates for our WordPress theme. Every time a WordPress layout needs to be changed, developers have to customize the templates. Sometimes we have to create the custom fields in order to display extra content on the page.

Once the page builder plugins were introduced to WordPress, developers, and designers were able to create the pages faster. However, I found an important issue that bugs me. Those page builder plugins were loading slowly while I was creating the page. Also, sometimes, the JS files wouldn’t load completely which caused some work not to save. And I had to redo the same work again. Plus, I had a difficult time dragging and dropping widgets I wanted onto the area I needed. I don’t have any of these issues with the Elementor plugin.

WordPress Elementor plugin

WordPress Elementor plugin offers a free and paid version. If your site is simple and has a limited budget, just go for the free version. In my opinion, the free version is enough and you can make a beautiful website from it.

WordPress Elementor plugin – Free version

  • Visual design: You see how the page looks like while you are working on the page. No need to use the preview mode. It is really convenient for users.
  • Layout: With drag & drop editor, you can easily place the elements in any area you want.
  • Freehand design experience: You can set the custom position of any elements on the page. Make your page looks more attractive and creative.
  • Responsive Editing: This feature is very helpful. I can easily adjust the page to fit the desktop, tablet, and mobile version without leaving the editor.
  • Widgets: Dozens of widgets to create any content you need. Widgets are buttons, headlines, forms, and more.
  • Pre-made templates: Choose the beautifully crafted templates that fit your needs.
  • No Coding: You can make any simple websites without any coding.
  • Copy Paste: You can quickly copy any element and paste it to a different place on the page. Yes, you can copy and paste any element on the different pages as well.
  • Copy Style: You can copy the entire styling from a widget, column, or section and paste it to another element. This feature is really helpful.
  • In-line Editing: You can type directly on the screen.
  • Navigator: Navigate between all page elements or layers. Easily access theme via indicators.
  • Revision History: With revision history, your entire page creation process is saved and can be easily re-traced.
  • Draft mode: You can save as draft mode. Once your page is ready, you can publish it.
  • Save as Template: This feature I really like. Once you satisfy with your design, you can save the entire page as a template or save only a section as a template. The templates will be saved in “My Template” at the Elementor library. You can use the saved template on other pages on the same website or other websites that use the Elementor plugin.
  • Global Style: You can set the global style for default colors, default fonts, and theme style.

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WordPress Elementor plugin – Paid version

Apart from the features list above, the Elementor paid version offers more useful features you can enjoy.

  • Theme Builder: With theme builder, you can customize every part of your WordPress theme visually such as Header, Footer, Single, Archive, and WooCommerce.
  • Popup Builder: You can create any modal you can imagine with Popup builder such as Fly-in, Full Screen, Slide-in, and more.
  • WooCommerce Builder: For the online store with WooCommerce, you can design your single product and archive page template visually and without coding.
  • Full Site Editor: You can design the entire site from one place including header, footer, and content.
  • Global Widget: You can save the widget settings and reuse that widget on any page.
  • Motion Effects: You can add interactions and animations to your site using Scrolling Effects and Mouse Effects. I personally like this feature.
  • Global Custom CSS: With Elementor, you can add custom CSS globally and apply theme throughout your entire site.
  • Form Widget: You can easily create the forms from the Elementor editor. It is very convenient.
  • Custom Fonts: You can add your own custom fonts via Elementor.
  • Embed Anywhere: Get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere you like.

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