How to add ribbon in Elementor

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Elementor is the most popular page builder for WordPress. If you are web designer or web developer like me, you will hear and see ton of articles and videos talking about Elementor. Elementor saves you a ton of time and easy to use. If you want a new widgets that are not in Elementor, you just create one for your own following Elementor Widgets docucment. Today, I have to implement the ribbon in Elementor for one of my client site, … Read More

Why I use WordPress Elementor Plugin

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“Why I use WordPress Elementor plugin” Before page builder plugins were introduced to WordPress. We, WordPress developers, had to create or customize the templates for our WordPress theme. Every time a WordPress layout needs to be changed, developers have to customize the templates. Sometimes we have to create the custom fields in order to display extra content on the page. Once the page builder plugins were introduced to WordPress, developers, and designers were able to create the pages faster. However, … Read More