The essential skills every web developer should have
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The essential skills every web developer should have

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Recently I was asked by some startup CEO how to recruit the right web developer for fulfilling the experienced web developer position. This person should be able to manage multiple projects and time. He or she should be able to communicate well both with the team and clients who have a non-technical background. Additional, he or she should be able to learn the new technologies that are coming into the market every year.

Before going through the list, I would like to mention that the list is my opinion based on my experience in the software development industry. You may have a different opinion based on your own experience.

Time Management

Time Management, in my opinion, is a major skill that the web developer should have. It is not a new skill. I was taught how to manage time when I was a junior programmer back in 1999. It is not easy. The experienced web developer will know how to break down the tasks, set the priority of each task and track the tasks list in order to finish the project on time. Plus if some issues or problems occur during the project, the experienced web developer will know how to handle them. For the project manager or the owner, you will save time and headaches by having them working for you. The tool that I use often is Trello. In the past I used Jira. Also, you can use Github as project management for the developer team.


Nowadays teams are spread across the globe. It is rare to have all members of a team working in the same location. You may have to work with a team or a client who has a different background. For example, working with a team from other countries, working with co-workers or clients from junior to CEO, working with people who have a different culture and personality, and working with a team from a different organizational culture. To deal with them, the experienced person will know how to handle and solve all sorts of issues in order to work together smoothly.

Communicating well with others

Communication is important for a web developer. Lack of communication skills can lead to wrong or incomplete requirements, missing important points, and misunderstanding. Because of that, the company will lose time, profit, and potential clients. For a web developer, he or she should be able to communicate well with the team at every level such as CEO, manager, senior, and junior. Moreover, he or she should be able to communicate well with non-technical people such as clients. Often I need to explain technical problems to non-technical clients. Communication includes speaking and writing. If you have an international team or international clients, it is necessary to have web developers who can communicate well in English. Try to recruit an experienced web developer who is able to speak English and write English well enough (fewer grammar errors).

Complex problem solving and decision marking

The experienced web developers will have problem-solving skills. When I work on a complex application, I often have to solve complex issues to achieve the client’s requirements. The clients will know what they want and how the application must work for them but they have zero technical knowledge. As an experienced web developer, I have to find the solution and explain to them why the solution is the best and prove it to them.

Constantly learning and improving

In my opinion, learning and improving are a must for a web development career. You can see that technologies change just as fast as trends. What is common practice now might already be outdated in a few years. Either junior or experienced web developers should have this skill. Hire someone who has a passion for what they are doing, you will have the best employees who never stop improving, and at the end, you will get the best results and, more importantly, your clients will be satisfied and refer you to others.


As an owner of the company, you want to grow the business, make a profit and stand out among your competitors. You should recruit quality, experienced people for saving your time and managing your daily problems for you. This way, you can focus on what you want to achieve and see your business grow.

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