How to set up Flower shop with Elementor Pro - Part 5
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How to set up Flower shop with Elementor Pro – Part 5

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In Part4, we created the product addons such as color, wrapping paper and gift card for our parent product. In Part5, we will create the shipping method as well as sending the shipping tracking number to the buyers via email.

Before we set the shipping method and shipping fee, we must setup our store address as well as currency. To do that, navigate to WooCommerce>General tab. configure your store address, general options and currency options there. Below is my configuration.

setup store address and currency at WooCommerce

Setup Measurements

For the shipping fee calculation by dimension, we need to define the weight unit and dimensions unit. To do that, go to WooCommerce>Products>General>Measurements. After doing this, you can set the product’s weight and dimensions at Product item at Shipping tab. 

setup Measurements at WooCommerce settings
Shipping setup at Product item

Setup Tax options

Tax setup can be complex depends on your business type, state or country. In this tutorial, I will use Las Vegas state in US as example.

To setup the tax in WooCommerce, navgiate to WooCommerce>Settings>Tax tab. We will setup on Tax options and Standard rates.

For example, In Japan everything except food, drink and newspaper, tax rate will be 10%. For food, drink, newspaper will be 8%. You can set the standard rate as 10% then create new tax class for beverage as 8%. By default every new product will assign to Standard rate. But you can change to the new tax class you create. 

setup Tax rates and Tax classes
add new tax class as "Food and Drink"
Assign new tax class to product item

Setup Shipping

We need to add the shipping zones because we want to ship our product to the buyers. The shipping zone will set the shipping methods offering based on the buyers address from their shipping address. To do that, navigate to WooCommerce>Settings>Shipping tab.

Setup Shipping zones

Shipping Zones settings

Setup Shipping methods

Create new Shipping Zone

Setup Shipping classes (extra charges)

create the extra charges at Shipping chesses.

Shipping Classes

Setup shipping cost and extra charges

To create the extra charges (service charge, handling fee and so on), you can create at Shipping classes section. Then assigns the new shipping classes to the shipping method in Shipping zone and the product item you want to apply the extra charges to.

Setup Flat rate and Cost
assign extra charge to product item

Setup Shipping Options

Shipping Options

After setup the shipping settings, we can test the shipping fee calculation by adding the product to the cart and view the cart page.

Shipping fee calculation by shipping zone, shipping method and shipping classes

Shipping plugins (free and paid version)

The shipping fee calculation can be complex. You may find the plugins that meet your needs. If you can not find any plugins you want, you will need to add the custom code. Learn more at WooCommerce Doc.

Shipping plugins:

Setup Payments

We need to setup the payments for our store. To do that, navigate to WooCommerce>Settings>Payments tab.

Payment methods

Shipping Tracking for WooCommerce

It is very important to let your buyers know where are their product and what is the shipping status. Many shipping providers offer the tracking number that you can send to your buyers. I found Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce plugin that works for this purpose.

The plugin add tracking information to orders. So the buyers can track their packages by themselves. The plugin comes with over 250 shipping providers which generates the predefined tracking link and sent to your buyers when you ship their orders. Plus, you can add the custom shipping providers that are not include in the predefined shipping providers.

You can custom the order status in order to improve your order management flow too. It is a great plugin and it is free.

Below are the sample. Once your order is placed. Your buyers will see the order detail on the screen as below. As well as receive the confirmed email from your store.

Buyers see the Order Detail after checkout.

At order item, you will see new column filter show up. The order status is Processing.

New column and filter show up at Order item on the backend

For the plugin, you can add new custom shipping provider.

Add New Custom Shipping Provider

After you ship the package and receive the shipping tracking id, you can update the order as below.

New meta box shows up
Update Shipping Tracking for the order

Once you add the shipping tracking number, the new email will send out to the buyers with shipping tracking number and tracking link.

Shipping Tracking Number with track link send to buyers


In Part5, we set up the shipping fee, payment, and shipping tracking number. In the final part, I will create the WooCommerce pages(Cart, Checkout, and so on) using Elementor Pro. This way, we can customize the layout and page without any custom code.