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Google SiteKit for WordPress

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If you are working on online marketing or SEO, you should know the traffic tracking tools. One of the popular online tools is Google services such as Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights. For WordPress, there are some good plugins to help you integrate Google products into your WordPress site. But those plugins don’t include all Google services. They offer only Google Analytics. But now you can add all Google services related to the website with SiteKit by Google. Note that this plugin is a beta version as a developer preview. It may be changed from time to time until it is stable. 

How to install into your WordPress

  • Visit the Site Kit link. Then click on download right here.
  • Once you download the plugin to your computer, log in to your WordPress, go to the Plugins menu, click on Add New then click on Upload Plugin button.
  • Choose the download plugin file and hits the Install Now button.
  • After the plugin is installed successfully, click on Activate Plugin button.

How to setup Google Site Kit in WordPress

  • After activating the plugin, you will see the Site Kit menu which is located under the Dashboard menu.
  • Click on Site Kit menu, you will see 5 steps you need to finish.
  • Before continuing, you must have a Google account already. Signup one if you don’t have any.
  • First, get the Client ID, simply click on “developers,” link. Then hits on “GET OAUTH CREDENTALS” button. You will see the popup with Client configuration code in there. Copy this code then paste it into Client configuration in WordPress then hits the “PROCEED” button.
  • Second the Authenticate step, you need to sign in with Google by clicking on “SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE” button. Once you click on what Google account you want to sign in, you have to grant the access permission that Google asks for. Just allows everything.
  • Third, the Verify URL, check the URL that matches your WordPress site for verifying URL then hits the “CONTINUE” button.
  • After the verified URL is done, Google will connect your site with Connect Search Console tool as well.
  • Once the Site Kit setup is done. It will show the “GO TO DASHBOARD” button. Hits this button for navigating to SiteKit dashboard in WordPress

Setup more services from Google into your WordPress

  • At the SiteKit dashboard, go to Settings, at the Connected Services tab, you will see Search Console already connected with your site.
  • At the connect more services tab, you will see more services(AdSense, Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Optimize, Tag Manager) available for you. Click on each service you want to connect to and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Attention, when you are trying to connect with Google Analytics, you may see the screen below. Just click on Advanced link and hit on “Go to” link. is your actual domain name. Then allows all access permissions that the popup asks for.

Finish setup and how it looks like in WordPress