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Dental Implant in Chiang Mai

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A few weeks ago, I met the dentist and I needed the implant for my tooth. However, I was shock with the cost of the implant treatment. Later on, I found out the cost breaks down into 3 parts. One is the clinic fee, doctor fee and the implant brand. The most expensive cost comes from the implant brand.

First clinic that I went to, was Dent CMU Meechok which is another best professional dental clinic in Chiang Mai. All dentists are the professors in Chiang Mai university. For the implant, the price starts at 55,000 baht for one teeth. I need the implant for 5 tooth. This cost is not nice for my wallet.

Second clinic, I went to the Faculty of dentistry in Chiang Mai university. The cost will be around 2x,xxx baht for one teeth. With this price, the implant material is made by the faculty itself. The cost is reasonable but it is a long queue. I mean If I made an appointment in September 2020, I would have a implant treatment in July 2021. Plus you will get the service from the dental students only. Don’t worry, the dental professors always be there and check the work before you pay.

Third clinic, I went to the Dental World Clinic. All dentists are the professors from Chiang Mai university. I love their service both from the staffs and dentists. However, the implant price starts at 52,000 baht for one teeth which is way to expensive for me. However, all staffs can speak English which is convenience for my husband.

Fourth clinic, It is a Mr White Dental Clinic. This clinic offers the cheapest price for implant in Chiang Mai. The clinic offers 2 promotions for the implant. Promotion 1, it costs 38,000 baht and promotion 2 costs 36,000 baht. The regular price is 40,000 baht. Note that, you should check the promotion price again at the time you read this post.

Fifth clinic, I went to the CM Dental Clinic. I need another opinion about the gum disease before doing the implant. This clinic offers 39,900 baht for the implant per one teeth. The doctor and staffs can speak English without any problem. The doctor opinion made us feel confident to continue with her.

All five clinic above are the dental clinic in Chiang Mai that I found on the internet for the implant. I went to those five clinic and they all are good service and give me the professional opinions. My favorite clinic are Dental World Clinic and CM Dental Clinic.

Dental Clinic in Bangkok

However, if you live in Bangkok and want to do the implant, there are two places I recommend to you. The implant price is 29,000 baht per teeth. The first one is The Dent Clinic and another one is Dental Image Clinic.

That’s all for today.