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10 Most Popular Types of Websites

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When building a website, you should identify what type of website you need. The most popular types of websites are:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Blog
  3. Business
  4. Media/Entertainment
  5. Portfolio
  6. Educational
  7. Crowdfunding
  8. Non-profit
  9. Vlog
  10. Community Forums

# E-commerce website

E-commerce, also known as online shopping, is a website where visitors can directly buy the products and services. Also, the product can be both physical and digital products. Digital products are music, movie, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins.

Examples of e-commerce websites are Oriental Decor and Themeforest.

# Blog website

A blog is a discussion or informational website that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. The blog is regularly updated content and typically written in an informal or conversational style. Most of the blog has a comment section where users can respond to the article.

Examples of blog websites are Serve And Volley Tennis

# Business website

A business website is a website that represents your business. It should be branded as the business. It is your business in the digital world.

Examples of business websites are TikSystems and HiperHipo.

# Media/Entertainment website

Most of the entertainment websites aim to make money. The website content is all about entertainment. Usually, entertainment websites make money through advertisements or paid partners.

Examples of entertainment websites are Fox News and Vox.

# Portfolio website

A portfolio website is a website that shows your past work and also shows your testimonial from your clients if you have any. Creative professionals and freelancers have their portfolio websites for showing their past work to their potential clients.

Examples of a portfolio website are AppleRinquest.com which is my site.

# Educational website

An educational website is a website that publishes all sources related to education. It can be an educational institution. It can be news and announcement from the educational institution.

Examples of an educational website are Multi Mentoring System(Northern Thailand) and Chiang Mai University.

# Crowdfunding website

A crowdfunding website is a website for funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. I personally donate some money for helping people on the crowdfunding websites.

Examples of a crowdfunding website are Go Fund Me.

# Non-profit website

A non-profit website combines business websites, e-commerce websites, and portfolio websites. Basically, the non-profit website will represent its organization, share and update the projects that the organization is working on, provide the donation channel for people who would like to support it.

Examples of a non-profit website are Change.org and Global Giving.

# Vlog

A Vlog website, also known as video blog, is a form of blog for which the media is video.

Examples of a vlog website are Youtube.

Examples of a popular YouTuber on the vlog website are CaseyNeistat.

# Community Forum website

A community forum website is a website or section on a website that allows the members to communicate with each other via posting messages and comments. Most of the forum websites allow non-members to view the forum posting. However, visitors are required to register or login with a social network (Facebook) for posting a message on the forum.

Examples of a community form website are Reddit and Quora.


Knowing the type of website you need for your business is useful. It will help you to find a marketing strategy, find the competitors’ website, and web designer can pick the design that matches your website. If you are not sure which type of website you need, simply explain what the website will be to a web designer (some web designers and web developers are the same person just like me), the experienced web designer will know your type of website.