Site Overview

ChiChang is one of the popular computer shop company in Chiang Mai. Recently they want to extend the sales channel by creating an online store. They offer a good price for retail and a better price for wholesale.


  • Sale needs to spend time to take the call or get an email from the wholesale customer in order to create a quote for each customer.
  • Sale needs to create the quote manually by adding the product item, product description, product image, product links and wholesale price for each customer.
  • Each wholesale customer group will have a different price. It means the sale must check which price will add to the quote for each wholesale customer group.
  • Sale must generate the quote as PDF file as well as the email version to the wholesale customer.
  • Sale will track the quote status manually in their computer.
  • Each wholesale customer can be managed by one sale.
  • After sending the quote as PDF file to the wholesale customer, sale must follow up the quote either accept or reject from the whole sale customer.
  • Sale must update the quote status with the sale team manually.
  • All steps that each sale has to take, it takes too much time.

What ChiChang expects

The wholesale customer can request a quote with their price by themselves via the website. Also, the customer can request the quote anytime. Sale will spend less time on the quote and spend more time to do the marketing and find the new customer.


  • Sales want to set the wholesale price on each product for their wholesale group.
  • Each wholesale group will see a different price on the website.
  • Each wholesale group can request a quote online via the website anytime.
  • Sales can adjust the price and product item at the backend and resend the quote to the wholesale group.
  • The wholesale group can download the quote as a PDF file and it supports Thai font.
  • Sales are able to see the quote history and quote status at the backend.
  • Sales are able to create their own wholesale group and create the login for them.

Project Detail

  • Develop “Price by user role setting” plugin
  • Develop “User role adding” plugin
  • Develop “Add user meta” plugin
  • Integrate the extra plugins to achieving the requirements within the deadline

Freelance Project

The Chichang project is the freelance work under the marketing company in Thailand