How to add individual column filtering in DataTable

category:  Web development

Recently I wrote several posts related to DataTable plugin. The latest one was “How to filter data in DataTable using Ajax in CodeIgniter“. This filter solution will fit to the big data. When the end user needs to view the data, they just filter only the data they needs to view. In this post, we will fetch all data and render them on the page. We will add the individual column filtering in the DataTable. In this example, we will … Read More

How to filter data in DataTable using Ajax in CodeIgniter

category:  CodeIgniter, Web development

When you create a web application for managing your data such as accounting, stock, and sale orders. You will need the reports which come with the filters that allow you to view only the data you need. This post will show you how to create a filter form and filter the data in Datatable in CodeIgniter. You can apply this method to other PHP frameworks. It will work the same way. If you want to learn how to integrate the … Read More

Building WordPress Plugins with Object-Oriented Concept

category:  WordPress

When I develop the custom plugin, I prefer to build the custom plugin with Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) to avoid the conflict from other plugins or the themes. Plus my code is cleaner and more organized. Today I will share how to create the report plugin with OOP. Here what the plugin does: The plugin will display the data regarding the criteria. I use the datatable plugin for the data table with search, pagination and column sort features. The datatable plugin has … Read More