Site Overview

GreenTrails is a Northern tours agency in Thailand. What makes GreenTrails different from other agencies is GreenTrails promote Travel with Love and Respect. GreenTrails offer the best and most innovative cultural, outdoor, and trekking tours in North Thailand.

Project Detail

    1. Conduct a thorough site audit to enhance performance and security.
    2. Enhance UX design through the redesign of the homepage, navigation, and product page.
    3. Streamline the website by removing unused and outdated plugins, replacing outdated ones with newer alternatives, and eliminating duplicates.
    4. Introduce additional tabs for the product page.
    5. Improve site performance by disabling unused features and scripts.
    6. Incorporate social sharing buttons on the product page.
    7. Customize the color theme to align with my desired aesthetics.

    Communication Tools

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