How to install multiple PHP and MySQL versions on WAMPserver

category:  Web development

Recently I am working on the WordPress site from a new customer. The client’s server is using PHP5.5.38 which is an old version. The newest version is 7.x.x. However, the client doesn’t want to upgrade the PHP version yet. In order to develop and support smoothly, I need to install the PHP 5.5.38 in my localhost. So when I develop, I will be sure nothing will break when I deploy to the client’s server. For my development environment, I use … Read More

How to send an email using SMTP in localhost with WAMP

category:  Web development

When I develop the email function on my localhost, I like to set the Gmail account for sending an email from my localhost. It is convenient and easy to set up. Today, I will share how to set up the Gmail account to send an email from your WAMP server.  Note, this method works for Windows only.  Okay, let’s do it… Download Sendmail.exe is a simple windows console application that emulates sendmail’s “-t” option to deliver emails piped via stdin. It … Read More

How to make your WAMP runs faster in Windows10

category:  Performance

I have been using WAMP for years. Sometimes I notice the web page loads slower than the same web page on the internet. So I did research on the internet and found out for my case, I just need to set the Power Options in Control panel to high performance. You can try this solution for both Windows.   Just small fix but makes things different.