SASS, CSS framework and Task runners

category:  Web Designer

Many years ago, I worked with a web designer. What she did, she designed and created the templates for the web applications and gave to the developers to integrate into the web application. At that time, I never used CSS frameworks or any pre-processor compiler before. I just used the templates and stylesheet that she created.   But there were many times that I needed to adjust the color, padding and so on in the templates in order to fit … Read More

Select2 plugin does not function properly in bootstrap modal

category:  Web development

Yii version Select2 plugin is very useful plugin when you are building the custom application or website. ProblemWhen I use the select2 inside a bootstrap modal. I can not type anything in the input field that attaches to the plugin. CauseThis issue occurs because the Bootstrap modal tends to steal focus from other elements outside of the modal. Since by default, Select2 attaches the dropdown menu to the <body> element, it is considered “outside of the modal”. SolutionAttach the dropdown to … Read More