Application Overview

The Macchiato Expense Tracer Application is an expense tracker application for small businesses and freelance services. It works well on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Project Features

  • Multi-Accounts
    • The application supports multiple accounts. Each account can set their own currency as well as can set into the chart of account. Moreover, each account can be viewed through the reports.
  • Multi-Currency
    • Each transaction can enter its own currency. Each account can set its own currency. On the dashboard, it will display the multi-currency reports.
  • Estimate and Invoice management
    • The estimate and invoice are simple. The estimate can convert to the invoice. They can print out and hand to the customer in PDF file.
    • The invoice can be paid as full and partial.
  • Transaction
    • Users can add the transaction with income and expense type.
    • Users can view the transaction that filtered by period.
    • Users can export the transaction in PDF and Excel format. Both formats support UTF-8.
  • Bilingual
    • The application supports two languages which are English and Thai.
    • The application can add more languages if it needs it.
  • Graphic overview
    • On the dashboard, the reports represent in graphical either in a table view or graphics view.
  • Simple and Clean
    • The application is easy to use. It is simple and clean looking. It looks well on all devices.
  • Export the database as a zip file by administration role
  • Timesheet module
    • A new module that allows the user to manage the timesheet and generate the invoice from the timesheet. The invoice can bill by hourly rate or a flat rate based on the project.
    • The generated invoice is editable.
    • Add a new project module.
    • Add a new task module.
    • Add a new timesheet report. The report can filter by period.
    • The module can disable and enable anytime without any effect on the application core.

Project Detail

  • Design the UI application (integrate with the admin theme) and use SASS with Gulp
  • Design the relational database
  • Using the database migration feature for creating and maintain the database schema
  • Using environment feature from Yii2 so I can switch between staging and production
  • Build the entire application from scratch (using Gii)
  • Build from Yii2.0 the modern MVC framework based on PHP 7.0
  • Source control by bitbucket
  • The application works well on major browsers such as IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

New Features coming

  • framework: Yii2.0
  • skills needed: PHP7.0/HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/MySQL5/Bootstrap3
  • customer: My Personal Application
  • project year: 2018 - Ongoing
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