My Favorite Visual Studio Code Extensions

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I have been using the visual studio code since 2016. The cool features that I like the most is the outline code and Emmet. It is very useful when I develop the complex application or large website. Other extensions that I often use, are below. @ update on 3 May 2019 Mainly I work on PHP, SASS, LESS, javascript, CSS and HTML. Reactjs and Vuejs are fun to work with as well. What is your favorite extensions?

VScode and XDebug

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Visual Studio Code version 1.19.3 Recently I change my developing tool from NetBeans to VScode(Visual Studio Code). The main reason is, VScode is faster. Plus I can integrate¬†the XDebug extension to VScode easily. Here I will share with you how easy to set XDebug in VScode. Create a test.php in your webroot and add phpinfo();¬† command into the test.php Go to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc) then type http://localhost/test.php. After that, copies all text on a screen and … Read More