How to transfer the domains with websites, emails and calendar data from GoDaddy to 1and1

category:  Domain

Recently I get a request to transfer a domain, website, email account and calendar data from GoDaddy to 1and1. The current situation is my client hosts the domain name, website and email accounts on GoDaddy. On 1and1, they host the web applications that associate with the subdomains. On 1and1, the client sets their domain as the external domain. Important note When you transfer your domain to a different provider, usually only the domain itself is transferred. The following are not … Read More

Export your email, messages and calendar data – Migration

category:  Email

Last week, I had a request from my client to transfer the domain as well as all email accounts from GoDaddy to the new host provider. The email accounts are set at the workspace email. In order to transfer the email accounts including the calendar data, I need to export the email accounts and calendar data manually. You need to export the emails and calendar data before transferring the domain. Export the emails and email messages For exporting the email … Read More

How to Move your WordPress site to a New Host (with No Downtime)

category:  WordPress

Four months ago, I wrote a blog about how to move WordPress to a new host without any plugin. This method is useful if your site is big and complex and you don’t offer the RSS feeds. But if your site is small then you can use the Duplicator plugin. It provides both Free and Paid version. Plus using this plugin for moving the site, you get zero downtime.     How to use? It is really simple. Just follow … Read More

How to Move WordPress to a New Host

category:  WordPress

There are two ways that you can move the WordPress website to the new host. One is using the plugins and another is using PhpMyAdmin or other MySQL interface application. I gonna talk about moving the site without the plugins. I assume that you already have the new domain name or using the current domain name. Also, you already have the new host login (cPanel).   Here are the steps we will do. Export the database from the phpmyadmin at the … Read More

I can not access to WP dashboard after migration

category:  WordPress

Today I am working on one WordPress project. The site is very simple. No extreme plugins are on the site. What I did, I just migrate the database (using WP Migrate DB plugin) and transfer all WP files to my computer. Then I just edit the database login in wp-config.php. After that, go to site URL. Yeap, everything is working perfectly. Then I go to login URL ( and enter the WP login. I expect to see the WP dashboard … Read More