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How to get a residence certificate in Chiang Mai

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My husband is a foreigner and he wants to get a motorcycle driver license in Chiang Mai. Before he applies for a driver’s license he needs to get a residence certificate first. Since we rent a condo, the landlord must inform the immigration if there are any foreigners staying in their properties. The landlord must fill in the TM30 form (download form available on the immigration website) and go to the immigration at Promenada shopping mall on the second floor. The office is close to Amazon Cafe booth. For the residence certificate section, it opens from 9.00am – 11.00am only–if you miss this time, you must come back the next day. The process will take 2 weeks for getting the residence certificate but if you want to get the certificate on the next day, you can use the agent service(Tian) which is close to the immigration office on the second floor. From the office, turn right and you will see the Tian visa service shop. The cost is 1000 bath for the residence certificate. The day I went to get the residence certificate, it took 15 minutes since there were 6 people in line in the morning (8.30am).

If you want to get the visa from the immigration, the visa section is on the ground floor. There are a photo service, a copy service and food and drink right at the immigration office too.


What you need for getting the residence certificate

  • 2 photo 4x6cm with white background
  • a copy of your lease
  • a copy of TM30 receipt (you should get from the landlord)
  • a copy of your first page of passport ( the page has your photo, name, passport number)
  • a copy of your arrival card
  • a copy of your Thai visa
  • a residence certificate form