Remote Debugging On Android Devices From Windows

category:  Debug, Web development

Sometimes, you have a style issue that occurs on the real mobile device only. If you were developing the site on the PC, it is easy to use the inspection tool that comes with the browsers. But for the real phone, the easy way to do the inspection is using the remote device feature from Chrome. I will share what I do here.   What you will need. Phone with Android operation – Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or … Read More

VScode and XDebug

category:  Debug, VSCode

Visual Studio Code version 1.19.3 Recently I change my developing tool from NetBeans to VScode(Visual Studio Code). The main reason is, VScode is faster. Plus I can integrate¬†the XDebug extension to VScode easily. Here I will share with you how easy to set XDebug in VScode. Create a test.php in your webroot and add phpinfo();¬† command into the test.php Go to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc) then type http://localhost/test.php. After that, copies all text on a screen and … Read More