How to install and enable Memcache in WAMPserver

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Lately, I work on the WordPress website that my client enables Memcache on their site. In order to develop the features and have the full test on my localhost. I need to install Memcache on WAMPserver. Today I am gonna share how to install and enable Memcache on Wamp. I assume you already have Wampserver installed on your computer. If you don’t install WAMPserver yet, you can download and install it from this link. Let’s do it download the Memcache … Read More

Owl Carousel plugin – jQuery carousel slider with fully customizable and responsive

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A carousel slider is another popular feature that you see often on the website. Often you will see the carousel feature on the travel agency website, e-commerce website, business website and portfolio website. There are so many slider plugins in the market but today we will talk about an Owl Carousel plugin which is one of the popular sliders in the market. The plugin can display the image and video. Why use the Owl Carousel plugin? Fully customizable Touch and … Read More

How to add Google font to mPDF

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A few days ago, I added the Open Sans font which is a Google font into the mPDF library. My client uses mPDF 6.1. It is super easy. Here the steps you can follow. Download the custom fonts you want. For example, we want to add the Open Sans font. You can download the font files from here. Once the downloading file is complete. You will extract that download zip file. Then you will see the OpenSans-Bold.ttf, OpenSans-BoldItalic.ttf and so … Read More

Common Git Commands

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Today it was a raining day. I was cleaning my repositories on GitHub and bitbucket. So it is a good chance that I can share the common git commands here. Common Git Commands git config git init git clone git add git commit git diff git reset git status git log git branch git checkout git merge git remote git push git config It is a git configuration values on a global project level. Executing git config will modify a … Read More

Add Embedded Videos to WordPress and Make Them Responsive

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Recently, I got a request from my client to add the video into WordPress. Plus the video must be responsive. Today, I gonna share with you how to implement it. IFRAME & HTML For the iframe responsive, we need a <div> or any HTML tag that is a block style (display:block) wraps the iframe. Below, we add the <div> with video-container class which we will add the style later. STYLESHEET (CSS) Adding the style to our video-container. We set position … Read More

Gitflow for a complex project

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Last month, I had to work on the complex WordPress website and I had to work with other developers. The source code stores in GitHub since it is easy to use and organize for me. In order to connect to GitHub, you have to use Git which is a modern version control system. With Git, you can push and pull all changes to the repositories on Github. For my development, I use Visual Studio Code editor which is my favorite … Read More

The essential skills every web developer should have

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Recently I was asked by some startup CEO how to recruit the right web developer for fulfilling the experienced web developer position. This person should be able to manage multiple projects and time. He or she should be able to communicate well both with the team and clients who have a non-technical background. Additional, he or she should be able to learn the new technologies that are coming into the market every year. Before going through the list, I would … Read More

HTML1506: Unexpected token in IE

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Yesterday, I received a support task from one of my clients. It was urgent because the users could not buy the product online. The issue occurred only in the IE browser(IE11 and IE edge). I checked the error message at the console and I found “HTML1506: Unexpected token“. I saw the same error back in 2015 when I worked with another client in the USA. This error is very common in IE. The cause The sample of JS code that … Read More

Localhost is not is the list of supported domains – reCaptcha issue

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Google reCaptcha is a greate feature. It is easy to set and use on any website. If you are a web developer and you migrate the existing site to your localhost. When you are developing the website on localhost, on the form that you integrate the reCaptcha(V2 or V3) shows you, the error says “Localhost is not is the list of supported domains“. Well, there is a reason why and a solution to it.   According to the reCaptcha Developer’s … Read More

How to create the REST API with Slim framework

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What is API? API, you may hear about it often nowadays. API stands for an application programming interface. It lets your product or service communicate with other platforms. For example, you have your own custom application or custom website and you want to exchange your data with the Facebook app or mobile application or other applications, you can create your own API and allow those platforms to access your data that you want them to access. For the business standpoint, … Read More