How to download the data as csv file in WordPress – deal with the PHP old version

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Yesterday, I had a request to implement the download data as an excel file from WordPress. The client’s business sells wholesale and retail products. They want their partners to be able to download the product detail as PDF and Excel files. The PDF file is already implemented using the Mpdf library (I will write the mpdf tutorial sometime in the future). Today I will share with you how to implement the download as an excel file. Deal with PHP old … Read More

How to install multiple PHP and MySQL versions on WAMPserver

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Recently I am working on the WordPress site from a new customer. The client’s server is using PHP5.5.38 which is an old version. The newest version is 7.x.x. However, the client doesn’t want to upgrade the PHP version yet. In order to develop and support smoothly, I need to install the PHP 5.5.38 in my localhost. So when I develop, I will be sure nothing will break when I deploy to the client’s server. For my development environment, I use … Read More

WordPress Security Guide

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A couple of days ago, I saw a post from the Facebook WordPress group asking for help. The issue was that his WordPress site got hacked. The hacker somehow put a hidden script into the server and set the schedule to run the script every 24 hours. The unexpected code that the hacker script generated showed in the index.php at the beginning of the file. That code added a ton of external files into the WordPress media library and if … Read More

How to Point a Domain Name to Your Site

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“How to Point a Domain Name to Your Site” is a normal question that my clients ask me often. Most of them don’t have any knowledge of web technology. They don’t know that domain name and web hosting can host in a different place but they can work together. Let me explain in plain English. A domain name is an address URL that allows people can visit your website from the browsers(Chrome, IE, Firefox are browsers). The same idea that … Read More

Dev domain name with an SSL certificate

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If I remember right, since 2017, the .DEV is intended to be a secure namespace, so all potential .DEV domain owners must secure their website with an SSL certificate. Even you create the virtual host on your own localhost or server. The modern browsers will automatic add https for your dev domain. More information can be found here. I write the post to remind myself or others who create the dev domain name and find out the https is added … Read More

D.I.Y Air Purifier in 10 sec

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This year, the air pollution in the North of Thailand is the worst in the history. Chiang Mai air quality hit the first ranking of World AQI chart last month. That how the air pollution was bad here. This is the first time for me to hear PM2.5 from the news and social network every single day until now. Below is the AQI virtual map on 16 Apr 2019 at night time. A few weeks earlier, there were so many … Read More

Living in Thailand with Termite

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Living in Thailand, you may see or hear people has a termite problem. In Thailand, we build the house with the concrete(mixing between cement and sand) and steel. A few of houses built by half concrete and wood which are the old house that are probably more than 30 years old. Termite nest can be found under the house ground and under the big tree. 90% of house damage comes from the nest under the ground. They eat anything with … Read More

How To Automatically Delete Forwarded Emails in CPanel

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Lately, I set up a new host as well as the email accounts for my client. The host I use it is the Siteground. The host is really great. I have been using it for another e-commerce website(the site includes more than 5000 products) for a year without any issues. However, the plan that I bought the email storage is limited around 4 GB for each email account which is quite small for the small business. The solution that I … Read More

How to set the application timezone and MySQL for Yii2

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I built my own application in 2017 when I lived in the USA and all my clients were American. The timezone that I set at that time is Pacific timezone. In 2018, I moved back to Thailand and I need to set a new timezone. I will share how to set the timezone in MySQL and PHP in the Yii2 application. My host is a shared host so if you have the dedicated host it will work as well. Set … Read More

How to Move WordPress to a New Host

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There are two ways that you can move the WordPress website to the new host. One is using the plugins and another is using PhpMyAdmin or other MySQL interface application. I gonna talk about moving the site without the plugins. I assume that you already have the new domain name or using the current domain name. Also, you already have the new host login (cPanel).   Here are the steps we will do. Export the database from the phpmyadmin at the … Read More

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