Export your email, messages and calendar data – Migration

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Last week, I had a request from my client to transfer the domain as well as all email accounts from GoDaddy to the new host provider. The email accounts are set at the workspace email. In order to transfer the email accounts including the calendar data, I need to export the email accounts and calendar data manually. You need to export the emails and calendar data before transferring the domain. Export the emails and email messages For exporting the email … Read More

How to update NodeJS and NPM to the latest versions

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Lately, I am starting to work on the Vuejs project. I installed NodeJS and NPM before but now I want to update them to the latest version. Today I would like to share with you. Update NPM to the latest version First, open your terminal then run the command line below. Check NPM version My result of the command is 6.4.1 Then runs the command below for update the NPM to the latest version Check NPM version again My result … Read More

Search by Custom Fields without a plugin

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Lately, my client requires me to add the ability to search by custom fields at the backend. Today I gonna share what I did. There are three filters we will use. posts_join posts_where posts_distinct Below what page will be implemented. You can add the code below into functions.php or your own plugin. $_GET[‘s’] is the search input on the edit page. The posts_distinct filter is needed to prevent duplicate data. Yeap! that’s it. If you are looking for adding the … Read More

How to add a new column with Yii2 migration on a specific table

posted in: Yii2.0 framework

Today I want to add a new column into the existing table in Yii2. Instead of adding the new column via the model I prefer to add the new column via the Yii2 migration script. With a script, I can easily revert the scrip in the command line. In order to work with the migration script, we will use the command line via the terminal. I use the bash terminal via VScode. You can use any terminal as you prefer. … Read More

How to Add Additional Custom Fields into WooCommerce Checkout Page

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Woocommerce plugin is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress. The core fields on the checkout page are very common. Most of the time, my clients ask for adding new fields and remove the core fields out of the checkout page. Today I gonna share how to add new custom fields and remove the core fields from the checkout page. Below is what we gonna do create a new custom plugin remove some core fields from the checkout … Read More

Common Git Commands

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Today it was a raining day. I was cleaning my repositories on GitHub and bitbucket. So it is a good chance that I can share the common git commands here. Common Git Commands git config git init git clone git add git commit git diff git reset git status git log git branch git checkout git merge git remote git push git config It is a git configuration values on a global project level. Executing git config will modify a … Read More

Add Embedded Videos to WordPress and Make Them Responsive

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Recently, I got a request from my client to add the video into WordPress. Plus the video must be responsive. Today, I gonna share with you how to implement it. IFRAME & HTML For the iframe responsive, we need a <div> or any HTML tag that is a block style (display:block) wraps the iframe. Below, we add the <div> with video-container class which we will add the style later. STYLESHEET (CSS) Adding the style to our video-container. We set position … Read More

Gitflow for a complex project

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Last month, I had to work on the complex WordPress website and I had to work with other developers. The source code stores in GitHub since it is easy to use and organize for me. In order to connect to GitHub, you have to use Git which is a modern version control system. With Git, you can push and pull all changes to the repositories on Github. For my development, I use Visual Studio Code editor which is my favorite … Read More

The essential skills every web developer should have

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Recently I was asked by some startup CEO how to recruit the right web developer for fulfilling the experienced web developer position. This person should be able to manage multiple projects and time. He or she should be able to communicate well both with the team and clients who have a non-technical background. Additional, he or she should be able to learn the new technologies that are coming into the market every year. Before going through the list, I would … Read More

Add new font into yii2-mpdf extension

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In the Yii2 framework, you want to print or export the data as a PDF file. One of popular extension is yii2-mpdf. The extension uses an mPdf library. The extension is easy to use and the document is provided. However, if you want to add a new custom font in order to use in the Pdf file, no document in yii2-mpdf extension is provided. You have to look at the document of the mPdf library instead. For an experienced web … Read More

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